Turn your data into knowledge.

Explore your data with our large set of visual analytics tools. Run all bioinformatics algorithms on our scalable infrastructure built on AWS.

Solvuu Charts

Upload and interactively visualize data

We infer and automatically parse all file formats produced by sequencers and bioinformatics algorithms. Our platform interprets the data semantically and offers a large suite of visual analytics tools to interpret your data.

Filter and transform the data exactly as you need, and visualizations update instantly. Our beautiful UI is simple to use and fully customizable when needed.

Solvuu Compute

Upload data, run bioinformatics jobs at scale

We know bioinformatics algorithms. We make them all available at your fingertips. Run 1 job or thousands with equal ease. All your favorite open source tools are available already and you can securely run your proprietary scripts and algorithms on our scalable AWS infrastructure.

Use our API or CLI for programmatic job submission. We optimize job execution times and provide detailed monitoring statistics for cost analysis. All output files are seamlessly integrated with our visual analytics tools.