Digitizing Life Sciences

Solvuu is a technology company. We provide a cloud-based data management platform with standardized access to data, tools, and visualization across biological data formats. We have defined a system rich enough to harmonize all the myriad data formats used in life sciences, specifically bioinformatics, thereby liberating scientists to focus on science. Importantly, the technology abstracts away the format of the data, and allows users to treat the data semantically.

Instead of having to learn and utilize numerous tools, each of which works on just one data format, with Solvuu, you can convert, search, analyze and visualize over all data formats through a single interface (Solvuu’s web UI, or command-line-interface).

We provide extensive support for analyzing data, using a broad spectrum of utilities: bioinformatics tools connected into pipelines, SQL style queries, and statistical functions, along with rich, interactive visualization. Collaboration is a key feature of our platform where data can be shared easily and securely.


Ashish AgarwalSoftware & Science
Raj SasidharanBioinformatics & Genomics
Carmelo PiccioneBig Data & Machine Learning
Richard DavisonCloud Software
Tomasz PewińskiFront-end Software
Kevin SchoonDevOps
Robert HarperAdvisor
Computer Science
Nick SocciAdvisor
Oncology & Bioinformatics
Tom CirritoAdvisor
Life Science Entrepreneur


NEW YORK (Headquarters)

261 Madison Ave, Suite 1006

New York, NY 10016


5201 Great America Pkwy, Suite 3220

Santa Clara, CA 95054



We have an open position for an exceptional software developer. Our core technology is based on ideas from type theory and functional programming. The ideal candidate would have a PhD in Programming Languages and at least 5 years of experience building production software on a modern stack (AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, etc). There is no deadline for us to fill this position. We are looking for the right person.
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