Digitizing Life Sciences

Solvuu is a data science company for life scientists. We provide a cloud-based data management platform with standardized access to data, tools, and visualization across biological data formats. We have defined a system rich enough to harmonize all the myriad data formats used in life sciences, specifically bioinformatics, thereby liberating scientists to focus on science. Our technology abstracts away the format of the data, allowing users to focus on the semantic content of the data.

Instead of having to learn and utilize numerous tools, each of which works on just one data format, with Solvuu, you can convert, transform, filter, search, analyze and visualize over all data formats through a single framework. Access our framework in three ways: a web UI for ease and interactive visualizations, a CLI for scripting and bulk operations, or an API for building your own applications.


Ashish Agarwal, PhDFounder & CEO
Ashish founded Solvuu with a mission to accelerate the pace of innovation in science. He previously worked at New York University where he implemented their new Genomics Core facility’s computer hardware and software. He was the lead bioinformatics scientist for a modENCODE project during his postdoc at Yale, and he held a research faculty position in Yale’s Department of Computer Science. Ashish’s PhD was in the area of programming language theory from Carnegie Mellon University and he studied engineering at UC Berkeley.
Raj Sasidharan, PhDDirector of Genomics
Raj provides technical and strategic leadership on bioinformatics and genomics at Solvuu. He has a PhD in Structural Bioinformatics from the University of Cambridge, UK and did postdoctoral work in bioinformatics and genomics at Yale University and UCLA. As a Senior Scientist at BASF, Raj managed data science projects on crop protection, trait research, microbiome-based biologicals and digital agriculture. Raj’s expertise is in developing bioinformatics solutions to make sense of large and complex datasets in the areas of regenerative medicine, immuno-oncology, microbiome research and agricultural solutions.
Richard DavisonSoftware Engineer
Richard has a Computer Science degree from Stetson University and previously worked as a data engineer in the Ad-tech industry. He enjoys architecting distributed big data software systems using devops and functional programming. When he isn’t herding bits around the internet, he enjoys learning languages and playing the bassoon.
Tomasz PewińskiSoftware Engineer
Tomasz works at the intersection of user interfaces and functional programming and holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Poznań University of Technology. He has experience building a number of different products, including front-ends, for financial institutions, market research, social networks, and online gaming. At Solvuu, Tomasz is focused on delivering rich data visualizations and the best user experience to improve the efficiency of data scientists.
Kevin SchoonDevOps Engineer
Kevin is a software developer with extensive Systems Administration and DevOps experience. He has architected systems for e-discovery, ad-tech, and media. He has traveled extensively across Asia, South America, and Europe.
Robert Harper, PhDAdvisorProfessor, Department of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
Robert Harper is faculty in the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University. He has made major contributions to the theoretical foundations of programming languages and type systems. He was named an ACM Fellow in 2005.
Nicholas Socci, PhDAdvisorHead of Engineering and Bioinformatics, Center for Molecular Oncology
Director, Bioinformatics Core
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Nicholas Socci oversees computational and bioinformatics research support for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC). He develops and deploys research applications and pipelines, provides bioinformatics consulting, and manages high-performance computing resources. He has expertise developing statistical and computational methods for the analysis of high-throughput data in cancer biology and genomics.
Tom Cirrito, PhDAdvisorCEO and Co-founder, Biotagenics
CIO, Crosswalk Ventures
Tom Cirrito is a serial biotechnology executive with a history of building successful development strategies for discovery, preclinical and clinical programs. He has a track record of implementing unconventional strategies to produce transformational value to decrease development time, accelerate value creation, or minimize cost and/or risk. Tom led operations and business development through the IPO of Stemline Therapeutics. He has a proven ability to convert novel scientific concepts into actionable programs that incorporate the complexity of scientific, regulatory, financial, clinical and operational elements necessary to build a sustainable biotechnology company.


NEW YORK (Headquarters)


180 Varick St., 6th Floor

New York, NY 10014


Johnson & Johnson Innovation Labs

329 Oyster Point Blvd., 3rd Floor

South San Francisco, CA 94080



Formal Methods EngineerFull TimeNew York City

Our technology is based on ideas from type theory and functional programming. We have a senior position open for someone who can drive the core of our product forward in collaboration with our founder. The ideal candidate would have a PhD in Programming Languages and at least 5 years of experience building production software on a modern stack (AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, etc). Strong verbal and written communication skills and a demonstrated ability to manage a complex software project are essential.

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Market AnalystInternship (Year-Round)New York City, San Francisco

We provide software technology and bioinformatics expertise to life scientists. If you want to be on the business side of science, we would love to hear from you. We have a range of projects such as conducting in-depth market research, working with our design team to create marketing material, and engaging with target customers. An ideal candidate likely has a bachelor's degree in Biology and is currently an MBA student or a PhD candidate interested in sales and marketing. We support internships year-round.

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Data ScientistInternship (Year-Round)New York City, San Francisco

Our technology can be applied to a range of life science areas (see our Science page). Data science interns leverage our team and technology to conduct scientific analysis at the interface of genomics and computer science. The goal is to enhance our scientific team, guide product development, and engage with customers in that space. Internships culminate in a presentation and written reports. An ideal candidate is likely in their 3rd year or later of a PhD program in computational biology. We support internships year-round.

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OCaml ProgrammerContractorNew York City, Remote

We are a functional programming shop and use OCaml across our entire stack. We are always looking for great OCaml programmers to augment our team. Depending on your expertise and interests, you could work on our internal code or one of our open source projects. We normally consider only candidates with 3+ years of full-time OCaml experience. Remote work is welcome.

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ReasonML ProgrammerContractorNew York City, Remote

Web technologies have recently matured, enabling us to hold our front-end programming to the same standards we have always demanded of our back-end. If you’re an experienced front-end developer with a passion for strongly typed functional programming languages, we would love to hear from you. Remote work is welcome.

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BioinformaticianContractorNew York City, San Francisco, Remote

We are looking for highly skilled bioinformaticians with deep expertise in the design, implementation, and iterative enhancement of one or more sequence analysis workflows (variant calling and interpretation, genome-wide transcriptome characterization, microbial genomics, epigenomics, single-cell genomics, and genome assembly and annotation). Experience in the design and implementation of computational algorithms that utilize both statistical and machine learning approaches is preferred. Qualified candidates will have at least a PhD and preferrably 2+ years of additional experience working as a bioinformatician either as a postdoc or in industry.

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